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Venue Booking

Finding the right venue in every neighborhood is tougher than it looks. This city is 64 square miles huge! Here’s what we’re looking for in each community:

  • All ages.
  • 150 person minimum capacity.
  • 6-hour availability (full day is better) — Saturday or Sunday is best.
  • Ease of access from a bus stop.

Outdoor venues / parks are generally good options, though permitting, insurance, and renting portable bathrooms can add a lot of costs.

If the venue is indoors, we need a couple other things:

  • ADA-compliant entry.
  • 1-2 ADA-compliant bathroom(s).
  • Ideally a flexible space without built-in seating (removable chairs are fine).
  • Lots of places can be a venue! Parks, garages, open lots, collections of businesses (think Art on the Ave), etc.
  • Approximate capacity? Is it all ages? What else should we know about it?
Sponsor Opportunities

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