Let’s wander, Tacoma

A Big Small Town?

That’s how we hear locals refer to Tacoma, Washington. And yet, if we sort all the cities and towns in the U.S. by population (that’s 30,000+ places), Tacoma ranks number one-hundred-and-one.

In a town this big—215,000+ folx spread over 50mi2—”my” Tacoma and “your” Tacoma are different places. So what, then, ties us together? What does it mean to be a “local”?

We’re here to find out.

Line drawing of the “official borders” of Tacoma, plus the Wandering Locals “WL-heart” logo. Includes text “(the map is not the place)”.

Wandering Locals are Tacoma creatives. We seek to understand our neighbors, reaching for diversity of person, neighborhood, and artistic expression.

We live here, but we haven’t met everyone yet. Our goal is to explore the full city, as a collective, one neighborhood at a time. Along the way, we’ll listen to the stories of the folx we meet, and share a bit of our art — tying us all a little closer together.

Want to help out? Wander with us