Let’s wander, Tacoma

Tacoma Arts Commission Funding!

We’ve been approved for the 2020 Arts Funding program! We couldn’t be more official if we tried.

Tacoma, Washington is known as a Big Small Town. We’ve heard many people describe it as a place where “everyone already knows each other.”

And: well over two-hundred-thousand people already live here.

And: if we sort all the cities and towns in the United States by population—which is a lot of cities and towns, thirty-thousand or so— Tacoma ranks #102.

And: all of that is true without any surrounding populations: Ruston, University Place, Fircrest, Lakewood, Parkland, Puyallup, Fife, Sumner, Edgewood, Auburn, Federal Way … or any of the other adjacent communities.

Line drawing of all eight neighborhoods in Tacoma. From top left: West End, North End, New Tacoma, North East, Central, South Tacoma, South End, Eastside.

A city of 64 square miles & 200,000+ folx requires effort to explore. That’s what we’re doing.

Wandering Locals: local, diverse artists on tour — inside Tacoma, from neighborhood to neighborhood.

We live here, but we haven’t met everyone yet. Our goal is to explore the full city, as a collective, one neighborhood at a time (and branch out into those surrounding communities, too — we’re all connected!).

Along the way, we’ll listen to the stories of the folx we meet, and share a bit of our art — tying us all a little closer together.